Anatolian Rock Revival Project
A project, dedicated to bring the non-mainstream pieces, unforgettable songs from Turkey's Anatolian Rock history (60s&70s) in to light with unique art works.Every week, a different illustrator/graphic designer works on a poster for a song from that era.
Cahit Oben // Her Gün Kavga
Cahit Oben, who created unforgettable soundtracks for Turkish cinema, has been one of the most important musicians in Turkish music history. Canım Kardeşim and En Büyük Şaban’s top-of-mind soundtracks are the most popular tracks he made. 
He founded Cahit Oben Quartet and received the fourth prize at Golden Microphone Awards in 1965 with the track named Halime. In 1966, after disbanding of Cahit Oben Quartet, he joined the Golden Microphone Award with his solo swing performance, "Her Gün Kavga", which he advanced to final.
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